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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Two Left feet, wooden table, Ambulance and Stitches….oh my!

So “the teen” decided to pick a fight with a table last night and lost.
I thought I was well passed the stage where I needed to bubble wrap and child proof everything. Last night I realized I might have to go back, or just bubble wrap him, to solve the problem. >.<

He is still growing like a weed and I swear each time I look at him he has grown an inch or three. Over the last 3 years he has become pretty clumsy because he is growing so fast and not used to the extra limbage. He was wearing men’s size 10 last fall and he was only 11. Pretty soon I will have to be putting shoe boxes on his feet if he grows anymore. *lol*

Last night he was running around the house, for what reason I just don’t know. It is one of his quirky habits. Usually he is chasing the cat or she is chasing him but last night he was just running for the sake of running and slipped on the carpet and slid across the floor and *BANG* I didn’t hear the normal “I’M OK” and then heard him howling and I flew down over the stairs. I don’t even remember touching the floor. He told me after he was stitched up that I sounded like the cat bounding down the stairs during one of her hyper spells.

I thought he had just hit his hand until he sat up and I saw the blood. *heart up in throat here* and instinct just took over. I ran to the kitchen and wet a cloth and brought it back and told him to hold it there to stop the bleeding. I took a quick peak once some of the blood was cleared and realized he was going to need stitches and I dialed 911 and requested an ambulance. It was pouring rain out last night and his cheek was wide open, I wasn’t taking any chances. So off to the hospital we went.

They let him walk out to the bus since his vitals were good and he was able to walk himself. I heard him chatting with the paramedics in the back about video games. He had calmed down by that point of course. Before they got there he was getting pretty upset about having an ambulance coming. I did my best to keep him calm, I was pretty surprised that I was as calm as I was. No mother wants to see their baby hurt or in pain, let alone with blood dripping down their face.

Normally, “the husband” would handle situations like this because he is first aid certified but since he isn’t here anymore it was up to me to get the situation under control. The paramedics said I did a great job and reassured me he would be fine. I was pretty proud of myself actually. I realized last night I can do this single parenting thing. “The husband” wasn’t here and I didn’t have to check with him first before making a decision. It was a good feeling not to have to wait for him to tell me what to do. I never felt comfortable making a decision with him around because he always said I made the wrong one. It got to the point where I didn’t want to make decisions anymore because I didn’t want to be made to feel stupid.

We bypassed a lot of angry looking people in the waiting room and were immediately whisked away to another waiting room for priorities. He was checked right away by a doctor and they decided what they were going to do. He was taken immediately to have his face frozen so they could stitch him up. He wasn’t looking forward to the stitching part. He did pretty well, though. Not a sound out of him while she stitched him up. She said he had pretty thick skin which made us all laugh. I did my best to keep him relaxed and calm, even managed to get him to smile a few times.  He even laughed when the doctor apologized for the bright light in his eyes. I whispered “No, don’t go toward the light”. I know, I know, lame but I got him to laugh and so did the doctor so I think it was a stress reliever.

I told him no more running in the house and picking fights with the tables. He looked at me and without hesitation said “Awww, I can’t help it if the table challenged me and I had to take it on, not my fault it cheated and pulled a switch blade on me” *smh* He is laughing about it now and saying he is finally a man. Sometimes I do not understand boys *lol*

“The MIL” drove us home from the hospital. She asked “the teen” which of us was more freaked out and “the teen” said “Mom was pretty calm and level headed through the whole thing actually” *big smile* It was that moment that I realized that I can do this single parent thing. I thought I needed “the husband” to do most things but with each passing day I am getting more confident at handling things on my own and it is a wonderful feeling. I don’t need to ask permission first, I don’t need to ask for advice, I don’t have to worry about being told I made the wrong decision among so many other comments that he would have made.

“The teen” is doing good now. I am watching him like a hawk now. Of course he didn’t learn from it though because I caught him running today in the house. He got a “are you trying to break the other side of your face too?” and he smiled and said then they would match. *facepalm* He is going to drive me around the bend with this kind of stuff. Boys will be boys…right?

Keeping the bottle of wine close by for the next stunt he pulls to drive me mad with worry. Well I am off to get some much needed sleep. Didn’t sleep well last night keeping an eye on my baby. I am grateful it wasn’t a lot worse then it could have been. Someone up there was looking out for my baby boy. Thank you whomever they may be. Good night all.

Hugs and Kisses from the Madhouse

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