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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Doctor Who Hair Sticks...

I have been bitten by the crafting bug lately and most of my ideas seem to be revolving around Doctor Who. I love Doctor Who. I remember being spooked by the Classic Doctor Who music when I was really young. I did watch the 8th Doctor in reruns when I was pregnant for my son and home alone all day. 

I really got into the series with it's reboot ( I know, I know there are many that don't view it as a reboot but as a continuation) and I have seen every episode several times since. I loved 10 and Rose and then Rory and Amy and The Doctor and River Song. I am so looking forward to the 50th Anniversary episode and seeing both Matt Smith and David Tennant  together in one episode. It should be epic. 

To get in the spirit and show my Whovian Pride. I decided to make something that I can wear. Nothing to drastic since I don't want to scare my co-workers more than I already have with my decorations. I decided to make some hair sticks to stick in my hair, when I am wearing it up. Best part is they can double as weapons if someone attacks. I am all for multi-purposed items. ^.~ 

I have already posted a somewhat how-to over on Cut Out & Keep. Feel free to head over and check it out, Here

Action Shot

View from the front

Up close and personal
Bow ties and Fezes are cool :) 

I am pretty proud of them. I hand painted both while I watched a Harry Potter marathon with "the teen" a couple of weekends ago. I am bad at actually getting things up and posted in a quick time frame. Usually because something in the madhouse distracts me. Like the sudden urge to paint chopsticks up so I can wear them in my hair :P  

My next plan is to make TARDIS curtains for "the teen's" room. They replaced our windows so I had to take down his old curtains and decided they needed to be updated. 

Other Doctor Who projects I have made are "the teen's" birthday cake last year. As shown here. Not my finest work, but still pretty cool. 

There will be more geekery crafts to come. Please check back often :) 

For now I must go do domestic things. Still wishing for my fairy godmother to come and take care of all the chores so I can go to the fancy dress ball. Someday....until then...

Hugs and Smoochies 

<3 Arawynn <3

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