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Monday, April 16, 2012

Queen of the Grill….



Oh yes, you read right. I have learned a new skill on my quest to become a strong, independent woman, and complete Mistress over my domain.

Now some of you might be thinking to yourselves “why didn’t she know how to use a barbecue, everyone knows how to use a barbecue, don’t they?” and to answer that I will have to admit that I have been terrified of barbecues from an early age. Mostly because my mother, bless her, instilled a fear in me and that girls  just don’t use barbecues because they are not safe. So that is how it was in our house as well, until now.

I got to thinking one night that the snow was finally gone and I was looking out at my backyard and wondering what I could possibly do with it. I noticed the barbecue in the far side covered up with a tarp to protect it through the cold Canadian winter, looking so lonely and neglected. What am I going to do with that?

So I mentioned my thought to a co-worker who, without hesitation said “Well barbecue of course!” to which I gave a horrified expression of confusion and terror. Of course this lead him to inquire to my expression and I had to admit my total terror small fear of the barbecue, which he found mildly amusing and then offered to come give me a lesson on barbecue basics and he promised to have me grilling like a pro in no time. To which I thought to myself “Yea right”. He also mentioned how it would save on electricity during the summer if I cooked outside as much as possible. Now of course I had to learn because what girl doesn’t want to save some $$$$$.

So I got a complete run down on barbecue do’s and don’ts and off he went, completely confident in my abilities to master the fearsome beast. I, on the other hand wasn’t so confident and it took me days to actually get up the courage to go out and grill something. So off I went with all my ingredients to the backyard, “the teen” peeking out the window probably waiting for something to explode…loved the vote of confidence there. *lol*

So I did everything my co-worker said to do. I admit I was damn nervous and was actually reciting the instructions out loud as I went to make sure I didn’t do something wrong. I am sure my neighbours must think I am completely mad. *lol*

There was a lot of sizzling and popping and at one point there was a small fire but I managed to cook four cheeseburgers and toast two buns (“the teen” doesn’t like his buns toasted) without doing damage to myself or the barbecue. I was pretty darn proud of my first grilling experience. Even more so when “the teen” devoured his cheeseburgers and said “You did a great job Mom, these cheeseburgers taste so much better than dad’s”  After hearing that my chest swelled up with pride.



I have gone out and barbecued a few times since and I have to say I am getting more comfortable with the idea. I have even moved up to steaks and OMG they were amazing. “The teen” is always asking what I am going to barbecue next. Guess I better get some barbecue recipes collected. *lol*

So I have learned a new skill, something I didn’t think I would ever have the guts to do and it has made me realize that I can do things I was scared of doing before. Next step….Power tools. OH YEA BABY!!!!

Hugs and Smoochies from the Madhouse


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