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Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Thrifting we will go….

It has been a while. Hmmm where did I leave off? Oh yes, Queen of the Grill. Well the weather has been pretty crappy out there since so I haven’t had much chance to get out and light up the grill but it is still my mission to cook outside more. Between the strong winds, rain and SNOW I haven’t been doing so well, but Mother Nature will not defeat me, I will grill more.

So two things happened in the madhouse involving “the teen”. A couple of weeks ago “the teen” decided to miss school two days in a row. Not cool, so off I went home to bring him to school. I discovered him locked in the bathroom when I finally got home. Ok, worked for me so off I went unhooking all the electronics in the house and proceeding to hide them all and sat down at my computer planning to wait him out. He couldn’t stay in the bathroom all day, or could he? Lesson learned: don’t call home first because it gives them a chance to grab supplies and being able to wait you out. That child is too smart for his own good.

I finally decided to unlock the bathroom door. Gotta love still having wire hangers kicking around. What do I discover on opening the door? “The teen” sitting crosslegged on the bathroom floor reading a book, with another book sitting beside him on the floor and a box of cereal. It seems he was planning on waiting me out instead. He had food, water, toilet and entertainment, what more would he need? I didn’t know if I should have scolded him or congratulated him *lol*

He did learn that I am not to be messed with. His little ploy land him with a loss of his xbox for 2 weeks and very LIMITED computer access due to the x-rated website on my computer.  Oh yes that was fun. I decided to check my history and discovered an adult cartoon game site. Momma was not impressed. I think he will be thinking twice about missing school or visiting one of those sites again. My oh my, I still have another 5 years before he is 18. How will I make it? *lol*

Well due to losing the electronic entertainment “the teen” accompanied me to the thrift store for the first time. He wasn’t too thrilled with the idea at first but he started to get into it. I think I have created a little thrifter.  There is a rush to thrift stores. Finding those treasures that you can use as is or turn them into something amazing. Using your imagination and decorating (and dressing) inexpensively.

I was on the hunt for things to decorate with. I thought it was about time I did something with the walls in my house. Due to it being a rental I am stuck and unable to paint it some outrageous colour like blood red. Oh yes I would love to have at least one red wall in my house, for now I have to settle for red curtains. I came across this amazing red fabric a while back in the free bin at work that would make awesome curtains, which I will make when I get my sewing machine working, but I digress.

I was on a hunt for things that caught my eye and brighten up our home. I was thinking creatively with each piece I looked at. Trying to see it differently and other uses. Of course to “the teen” I was just wasting time and acting weird. To me, I was in heaven. “The teen” ended up wandering off and finding his own treasures.

Here is what we came away with. I have some plans for a lot of it which I will share on here as I complete the projects. The controller is for “the teen”, why he wanted it I have no idea. The bottles are also his. He is doing a project in English and it involves making potions so these bottles are absolutely perfect. He has been bitten by the bug I tells ya. ^.~

I also got a lampshade but forgot to put it in the picture. Silly me. Doesn’t fit the lamp I brought it for but that is ok. I will make it work.




I really am on an Asian kick lately. Would love to have an Asian style room. Maybe one day.


Thrift stores are a great place to pick up books for cheap too. Just some of my book scores. Been wanting these books for a while now but couldn’t justify spending the money on new and the library always has a long wait list for the popular books.

I have big plans for some of my finds, can’t wait to get started.

So do you thrift? What are some of your fave finds from your thrifting trips? Feel free to comment and share.

Hugs and Smoochies from the Madhouse.




  1. Wow! I have never had a thrifting trip that successful! I'm just now starting to go again - my favorites are the rummage sales at area churches. It seems like everyone knows the thrift store secrets now, so all the good stuff is picked over.

    1. I have gone a few times since this trip and I have had some good luck and some bad luck as well. Sometimes I can walk out with bags of treasures to make things with or revamp and other times with nothing. I find that thrift stores vary from location to location. I live in a fairly big city so I find myself visiting various locations across the city and some have better things than others. Of course the price also varies, I find the prices to be higher in more wealthy areas of the city but also better quality and variety then the less wealthy areas. I look at each Thrift store trip as and adventure waiting to be discovered. Of course my son doesn't feel the same way and has taken to steering me away from thrift stores when he is out with me *lol* Happy Thrifting :)