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Monday, April 2, 2012

Shake my head…

As the mother of a teenage boy I have made it a mission of mine to raise him to not turn out like so many men I have met in my thirty some odd years. I have no idea what has happened to the male population but they all mostly seem to have been raised in a barn, with no manners to speak of.

I understand men have sex on their minds pretty much all the time. Don’t get me wrong I like sex too but unlike a man I am not able to see a naked man and get hot enough to stop whatever I am doing at the time to do it. Maybe I am a hopeless romantic and have read WAY TOO MANY romance novels in my time but I want a man to woo me. My idea of foreplay is not “Hey baby let’s get naked and f**k” I am sorry boys this just DOESN’T do it for me. Especially since at my age ( I know I am still considered young) but things just don’t rev up like they used to. Every fire starts off small and has to be fed to make it super hot. Yes I am a fire, I start of slow but with the right care and fuel, you are in for a bonfire.

It would be nice if fathers took their sons aside and told them that real life sex is not porn. Most women I know don’t get all made up and wear stilettos while having sex, I would be too scared of impaling my partner to enjoy it. Also most don’t think it is sexy to have your man juice sprayed all over their face and hair. Maybe some women are up for that (or paid to enjoy it) but I am not one of them so please keep your man juice away from my head. Call me old fashioned.

Why do men use porn for sex tips? Real women aren’t porn stars and will never look like porn stars so trying to make them into one will just leave you both feeling let down. Just my opinion of course.

“The husband”, I really should find another name for him now that we are separated, told me I was nothing more than “tits and ass” and that is all men would see me as. Well I am more than that, sure I may have a nice rack and booty but I have a mind too and I think it is totally sexy when a man sees beyond the body. I think I would be more likely to go for the guy that likes me for my mind than for my body. Because physical attraction can fade. If it is all sex, all the time, what happens when the sex is gone? Hmmmm I have an idea there.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a hater of sex. I’m actually quite the opposite, but I think there is more to life then sex. I am on a quest to find a real man that sees beyond just “tits and ass”. It might be a pretty tall order. All I seem to be finding are little boys obsessed with me being their personal porn star (without the porn star pay of course*lol* ) and nothing else really. You need more than just sex in a relationship and personally I think I deserve better than to be viewed as only “tits and ass”.

Oh I do love how so many men figure they can call you “so hot” and “so sexy” and you will be so grateful you will rip off all your clothes and say “take me now stud” I have had a few of these guys lately. I swear as soon as people found out “the husband” were no longer together the men came out of the woodwork  figuring I would just swoon and hop into bed with them, of course none wanted a relationship, just sex. Nice try guys, not going to happen. You want this bonfire to burn for you then you have to be single and want more than just my goodies. I spent 16 years with a man that only wanted me for my tits and ass and my bank account. I am not about to make that mistake again. HELLZ TO THE NO!!!!

Men….all I can do is just shake my head. Still on the search for my Prince Charming. Sometimes I wonder if fairy tales just set women up for disappointment *lol*

Hugs and Smoochies


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