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Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring is on it's way...

...in the Madhouse at least. 

Last year I started my seeds way too late and I didn't get the most out of them so this year I decided to start them early. I have read that planting seeds during the New Moon is beneficial, being it is a new beginning of the moon's cycle and all. So I gathered all my supplies and a playing in the soil-less medium, I went a sowing. 

I decided to give herbs a try. I have been studying home remedies and wanted to try growing what I needed myself instead of buying it from a store. What can I say, I like inexpensive and diying my way through life. 

I have planted Catnip, Rosemary, Sage, Sweet Basil, Peppermint, Lavender, Chamomile, Apples, Bell Peppers, and Cat Grass and I have signs of life. It is amazing you can plant something so small and it grows into something so beautiful with just a little water, sun and love. 

With the snow we have been getting here, as of late, it is nice to look at my windowsill and see signs of greenery budding through the soil showing that Spring is on it's way.

So far pretty much all my seeds have started to show. I find my Chamomile and Sage have been doing the best, so far and I get so excited to see them grow. "The teen" thinks I have lost my mind, and maybe I have but I am mothering over these little seedlings and looking for ways to protect them when I transplant some of them outside. 

I have purchased some chicken wire from the dollar store as well as some gutter mesh in the hopes to rig up some sort of protection cage that won't keep light from getting to the plants but will protect them from the multitude of squirrels and rabbits I have roaming my backyard through out the year. Many a seedling have been lost to these little creatures much to my frustration. I will post pictures of that project when it comes time to actually construct it. For now I will post a few photos I have snapped of my little darlings. 



Sweet Basil

Chamomile (different angle)


Cat Grass

Lavender (different angle) 

Sage and Lavender


As you can see I use egg cartons to start my seeds in. I really love how it doesn't cost anything and you can plant them straight into the ground if you wish. I look to reuse a lot of different containers for planting to save money and reuse. As my little darlings grow I will share more photos of the stages until they are outside. I am planning on keeping some in containers in the house just in case the squirrels manage to get their little claws into the ones I plant outside. 

Before anyone freaks out I know Chamomile is dangerous for Cats so those will be moved into "the teen's" bedroom so they are not available for my little furbaby to munch on (since he keeps his door shut at all times to lessen the cat hair exposure to his room), until I can transfer it outside. For the most part she doesn't touch any of my plants. She doesn't even seem interested in the cat grass I planted specifically for her. 

Hugs and Smoochies and Happy Planting 

<3 Arawynn <3