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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monday Mingle ~ December 19, 2011

Hello all. I decided to do something new and step out of my box a little. I have seen the Monday Mingle on a few different sites I have come across and thought I would jump in. I am not yet at the vlogging stage yet (hopefully some time soon) but I did want to participate in the last one of the year and hopefully come the new year I can actually get a vlog entry up.
If you want to participate by doing a vlog or non-vlog then head over to Eighty MPH Mom and follow the instructions and join the Mingle. Now onto my very first set of Mingle questions.
1. Fake Christmas tree or real tree and why?
I have a fake Christmas tree, mainly due to the fact that I rent and as a renter we are not allowed to have real trees because of fire codes and whatnot. (even though we always see people sneaking real trees into the buildings late at night) My tree was purchased the year I have my son so it is 13 years old this year and still going strong. That’s what I love about artificial trees because you spend the money once and have the tree for years and years if properly taken care of, instead of having to deal with getting a new tree each and every year. I also choose artificial because of the mess factor. Even if I was allowed to have a real tree I wouldn’t because I just don’t want to have to deal with all those needles and making sure it is watered and such. I do love the smell of real trees but I make due with scented pine candles or buying boughs to use.
2. What is your favorite holiday movie?
Hmmm this one is a tough one for me seeing as I LOVE Christmas movies. I love Elf, because it is hilarious. I also love Babes in Toyland and A Mom for Christmas, both from my childhood. It wouldn’t be Christmas though without watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I have to watch this EVERY Christmas. I have worn out 2 VHS copies and finally got my hands on a DVD copy. In fact my son and I watched this together the other night. How can you not love the Griswold’s. The complete madness that ensues is perfect for the madhouse. ^.~
3. Santa might not bring me gifts if he knew I __________this year.
Hmmmm…. I would have to say that he wouldn’t bring me gifts this year if he knew how many times I had complained about pretty much anything and everything in my life instead of appreciate the beauty and people in it. Or my loss of temper at random people because I was having trouble coping with home life. I have greatly improved on both in the last month though so maybe I could get a pardon. Mama could use something pretty and fun for Christmas. ^.~
Thanks for letting me take part and I look forward to watching all the vlogs and getting to know some fellow bloggers. I already feel like I know so many of you.
Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season and may the coming year bring you much joy, love and happiness.
Hugs and Smoochies from the Madhouse.


  1. I love your answers! You sound an awful lot like me :)

    The Griswald's rock! I adore Chevy Chase, and Christmas Vacation is definitely a classic.

    Thanks so much for mingling - I hope you'll come back to mingle in 2012!

  2. Welcome to Monday Mingle. Hope you do vlog in the near year. It is super easy.