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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Better late than never…

I took my day 5 photo but wasn’t able to get it up yesterday, for several reasons. I have decided I will be making the 365 project a weekly thing. I will still take a photo a day but will only post them on the weekend. Finding the time to take photos, edit and write and post while life happens just doesn’t seem to be feasible, at this point in time anyway. So I will upload all the photos on the weekend when I had more time. A week in review, so to speak.

Been feeling a little under the weather so I am going to keep this short, so I can go medicate and crawl back to bed.

I couldn’t decide which picture I liked more for Photo 5 so I am posting two photos. The first one is the sun as I was coming out of work on Thursday. I think sunset is one of the most magical times of day. The colours are so amazing.


The second photo for Photo 5 is of the fur demon. She loves curling up in front of my monitor as I work at my computer. I went to make a cup of tea Thursday evening and came back to my desk and found this…


It would seem “the teen” thought she was cold and covered her up in one of his t-shirts. Normally she would protest this but she just laid there chillin at the computer snug as a kitty can be.

For photo 6 I have one of my favorite things, a Cameo choker. I am such a lover of Victorian style and dress. I have been collecting cameos since I was a child. I found this Cameo pendant back in October while I was shopping for a birthday gift for a friend. I just had to buy it. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it but I knew I adored it so I bought it. It helped it was on sale for 40% off, how can you say no to that? *lol*

I finally figured out what I was going to wear to my company party but didn’t know how to accessorize my outfit and I thought of this Cameo. I had tried putting it on a silver chain but found the chain was too dainty and looked odd with such a large piece so I started digging through my massive stash of necklaces and found a choker I had already that I loved. It had a key pendant on it so I removed the key and placed the cameo on it instead and now I have a pretty Cameo choker to wear with my outfit.

and for comparison sake here is the choker originally.
Pearls and Lace

Hugs and Kisses from the Madhouse.

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