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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to the grind after a week off, Yuck!

I bet you thought I forgot about taking a photo and on day two Tsk Tsk. I am a little late posting Photo #2 because it was the first day back to work after a week off and it was…let’s say…an adjustment.
I forgot about it being Sunday bus schedule due to New Year’s Day being on a Sunday and the Monday automatically because a holiday for those working in the government and whatnot. My work decided to give us Friday Dec 29 in lieu of New Year’s Day so off to work I trudged Monday morning and stood 40 min waiting for a bus that never showed. Needless to say my mood was not the greatest upon arriving to work thirty minutes late. I wasn’t the only one that had issues getting to work because their bus wasn’t running due to the holiday and Sunday scheduling.
Normally it wouldn’t be an issue but this great city of our decided to change a tonne of the bus routes and combine some routes while cancelling others. Every other year I had the choice to take one of two buses too work, both of which run on Sunday schedule in the early mornings., so for mornings like Monday it was never an issue because my bus was always running. However, since the change I have started taking a different bus which only runs every hour on Sundays and only starts at 9am. I realized after two buses should have gone by and didn’t that Sunday was New Year’s so the buses were on Sunday schedule and mentally swore to myself and trudged off to catch another bus.
Of course by this time it had started to hail. I have no idea where it came from. One second it was beautiful, albeit cold and then out of no where this wind picked up and a cloud of hard snow pellets started. I thought to myself “Great, just what I need” Seriously it is hard enough going back to work after the holidays and having a week off then to miss your bus and then get hailed on. If I didn’t know any better I would say the universe was out to get me *lol*  I am trying a new thing though and trying to think positively so I am glad that I am fortunate enough to have a job to trudge off to after the holidays and that there was less people on the bus this morning than usually, making it easier to find a seat. =]
So anyway, work was interesting. Everyone seemed to be having the same problem as me and being fuzzy from the holidays. So it was nice not to be the only one not seeming to be with it. The day seemed to go by pretty slow, which is normal for a Monday. Thanks to the once an hour bus I decided to walk to get another bus. I ended up stopping off and visiting my FIL briefly since his work is on the way to the bus stop I was heading to. Had a chat with him and headed back out to brave the walk over the highway. OMG the cold. It is amazing how cold it is walking where there is nothing to block the wind, but then I remind myself that I am glad I am cold because it means my body is working properly. It would be bad if I couldn’t feel the cold.
So I ended up having a good long walk after work, which I wouldn’t normally have had if the buses were running normally. I felt pretty good and refreshed by the time I got home. I had to pick up some groceries on the way home as well so I had that to help give me resistance to work my body. So all in all today I got in a lot of walking for the bus and exercise which is good for my health. See what I did there? Turning a negative into a positive. It actually made me feel better to think this way. Who knew? *lol*
Anyway, I ended up getting distracted when I got home with cooking dinner and chatting with my mother and other things I needed to do so I didn’t get a chance to post my picture but I did manage to take it. =]
It isn’t the greatest picture, not one of my better ones but I thought it was too cute not to share. I caught the little fur demon in my tree again. I was sitting at my computer and out of the corner of my eye I saw the tree moving and then turned and it stopped. I looked at the tree and all I saw was the fur demon staring at me through the branches in the middle of the tree. Normally I would tell her to get out of the tree but she just looked too darn cute for words so I had to snap a pic. I didn’t have much time so I only managed to get this one before she high-tailed it out of the tree “Since she KNOWS she isn’t supposed to be in there
I still think it is a pretty cute photo of her, even if she was caught doing something bad *lol*

So day one after the holidays is down and onto day two. Counting down the days till the next long weekend, which is in February. “The teen” cackled maniacally when I was getting ready to leave since he isn’t back to school for another week. Why wasn’t I a teach again? Oh yea because I groups of children make me nervous. Who wouldn’t be afraid when they are outnumbered? =P
Hugs and Kisses from the Madhouse

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