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Monday, November 7, 2011

Tastes from childhood…

I am not a culinary artist, by any means. I actually loathe cooking. I seem to be missing the gene that makes women love to bake and cook and spend time in the kitchen. If I can help it I stay out of my kitchen at all costs.
Unfortunately for me, there are always times I must brave venturing into the dreaded kitchen, generally around food time, or else risk becoming a meal myself.
Today “The Boy” was sitting at the computer watching more Let’s Plays or whatever they are called and I was sitting at my computer playing Sims Social on Facebook (ZOMG I am addicted) and then the dreaded sentence comes. “The Boy” turns around and says
“Mom, I am hungry”
I resist the urge to bolt out the back door and far away and contemplate what I have in the house that I can make for lunch. I stepped into the kitchen and the hairs stood up on end and I looked around and spotted a open bag of potatoes. Potatoes that need to be eaten so I had an idea. Homemade fries.
My mom would make these all the time when I was growing up. She was blessed with the ability to cook, and cook without following a recipe or measuring. Obviously I didn’t take after her in that either. *sigh*
Now given my bad experiences in the kitchen what I planned to do was completely insane but I was going to attempt to make homemade fries like mom used to make. The last time I made these I was pregnant with my son, so 13 years ago now. Wow has it been that long?
So I dig out my mini fryer and clean it off from years of sitting in the cupboard, neglected. I set everything up and get ready to make some Nom Noms. I get the oil in the fryer, the potatoes peeled, cut and washed. I plug in the fryer and cross my fingers and say a little prayer that it doesn’t blow up in my face.
Now the mom in me and the paranoid freak as well, mentally tried to remember how to put out a grease fire. You can never be too prepared right? So I turn to “the Boy” and ask him to go Google how to’s on putting out grease fires. He looks at me with concern in his eyes and says “Are you serious?” and then sighs and off to the computer he goes.
He comes back a couple of minutes later and this is the conversation which ensued.
The Boy: “Umm mom. I think you shouldn’t do this”
Me: “What are you talking about? You are hungry and I am making fries”
The Boy: “I am not hungry enough to risk you burning the house down”
Me: “I am not going to burn the house down” Secretly praying that I don’t burn the house down but didn’t want him to know that.
The Boy: “Seriously MOM, you don’t have to do this, it’s not worth it, let’s just find something else”  Practically pleading with me
Me: “It will be fine” Again saying a little prayer that I don’t catch fire to my kitchen.
The Boy: “Ok, if you say so, I still don’t think you should attempt this”
Me: “Seriously it will be fine, my mom used to make these all the time and nothing happened. They are the best friends EVER, you’ll see”
The Boy: “What is that noise?” Panic in his voice
Me: “What noise?”
The Boy: “That popping noise?”
Me: “It’s just he oil heating up”
The Boy: “OMG why does it sound like that? That doesn’t sound right!”
Me: Crazy Laughter
The Boy: “That’s not funny” Glaring at me
Me: “Ok, ok I am sorry” as I lower the first batch of cut potatoes into the hot oil and they start to sizzle.
So there we are, biting our nails waiting, when suddenly I get this picture of him trying to make fries and I turn to him and say
“I don’t want you to EVER do this! EVER!”
The Boy: “I am not touching that thing, it’s dangerous, I want nothing to do with it”  as he shakes his head and stalks out of the kitchen.
Back to fry watch I went. I had to call my mom to verify how long I needed to cook them for and even she told me to be careful and not burn the house down. Great, no one has faith in me to cook. Mind you I do have a bad track record in the kitchen so can’t say I blame them, but it still stings. *lol*
So I am happy to announce the fries turned out great. Just like I remember them growing up. My son was impressed that they tasted so good and proclaimed me must make Poutine with fries like that sometimes because they were so good. Oh and he was very impressed I didn’t burn down the house. I have to say I am as well >.<
So today was an experiment. I had a thought and I did it even though I was terrified. I must remember the little train “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can”
My adventure in fry making
Cut potatoes
All set to go in the oil
Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble?
Hot off the presses, OMG SOOOOOO TASTY!!!!

The Boy LOVED them and I was pleased. I just might attempt to do more cooking. *lol*
Well I am off to fold my laundry and head to bed. Hope you all have adjusted well to the time change (if you are affected by it, of course) See ya soon.
Hugs and Smoochies from the Madhouse

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