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Monday, October 10, 2011

OMG I am back online.....

....for now at least. I am holding my breath.

Bear with me, I don't have my normal font and set up due to having to reformat my computer thanks to an arguement with my husband that went wrong. I have been without my computer for close about a month now and it was pure agony. My computer is my lifeline to the world and I have been lost without it. Thankfully I had my trusty Blackberry to tide me over till I could get my computer working again but it is nothing compared to my trusty desktop. Certainly harder to type on.

Thankfully I had a darling friend, my knight in shining armor so to speak come to my technicological aid by leaning me a video card to at least get me up and running again before I went mad from withdrawl. Natually I had to reformat which meant I lost EVERYTHING I had installed. So I have to reinstall all my fonts and blogging software and picture stuff. Not a fun task and my baby is still not running 100%. I have no sound and can't for the life of me figure out why. For some reason my soundcard isn't being detected. I wonder if it bite the big one along with my video card in the great battle for the CPU.

I learned not to try and play tug of war with a computer because the computer will get hurt. Sigh

So this past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving. Normally we all head off to my MIL's for dinner and do the "family" thing for a day but this year because of what is going on with me and my husband I was uninvited to dinner. Apparantly my MIL doesn't feel comfortable around me and is worried I will make a scene and doesn't want her holiday ruined. So hubby (for some reason I don't entirely understand since he hates me right now) told his mother that we would be having Thanksgiving here if I wasn't welcome for dinner as well.

So Sunday I went off in search of fixings for our own Thanksgiving dinner. The first one in our own house since we were married 6 years ago. Armed with my cart I got everything I needed for one heck of a last minute turkey meal. I was pretty proud of the result seeing as the last time I cooked a turkey my son was 2 years old. *lol* The great thing about cooking your own Thanksgiving feast is you get the keep all the leftovers. That is one thing I missed about going to the in-laws. No turkey for weeks on end.

I am looking forward to making people drool at work tomorrow with my yummy leftovers. What can I say... *lol*

So I am am crossing my fingers and toes in the hopes my computer doesn't crap out on me again. Mind you the saying "A clean house is a sign of a broken computer" is indeed true. I actually managed to purge a bunch of junk and organize stuff. I actually braved my son's room. Isn't it wonderful when you tell your children to clean their rooms and then you go in and discover they just hid everything instead of actually cleaning it. I opened my son's closet and a mountain of crap fell on top of me. Now I know what my mother felt like when I cleaned my room when I was his age. Karma's a biatch *lol*

I am sure my mother is rofling over this.

Oh and I discovered my son wasn't going to school. Steam came out of my ears as I left work to go home and drag his butt into school. This is the conversation I had with him upon reaching home.

Me: "Why aren't you going to school?"

The Boy: "Because"

Me: "that is not an acceptable answer, now why aren't you going to school"

The Boy: "We aren't learning anything new and school is for learning so why should I go if I am not going to learn anything new"

Me: dumbfounded expression, because how do you argue with that? The kid has a point to a certian extent. I hate when he does stuff like that.
So now I am paying him to go to school, only a $1 day but if he misses a day without my knowledge he forfeits the money for the week (the last part was his idea and I wasn't going to argue). I am sure there are some parents out there ready to tar and feather me over this but the way I see it is school is their job just like I have to go to work every day. This also teaches him responsibility for when he finally does come to the age where he is working. I find too many young people have no work ethic.

My son is very excited about the prospect of getting paid to go to school. He is already calculating how many days it will take to get the latest video game he wants and whatever else he can think of. I think it is an amazing way to teach him about money and earning it and how to spend it wisely. I will keep you all updated on if this experiment works or blows up in my face. Only time will tell.

Hugs and kisses from the Madhouse

Arawynn <3

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