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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Who am I ?


I finally managed to get Windows Live reinstalled on my computer and  I got my writer back with my fonts. Yes I know probably a lame thing to be excited about in the grand scheme of life but it my OCD tends to act up when things don’t look like I want them too *lol*

So seems that my grand plan to get my son to go to school failed miserably this week. He fell asleep and misses his bus Tuesday morning, first day back from the long weekend we had. Hubby went home and brought him to school but that means he forfeited his money for the week because of that mistake. I am sticking to my guns on it. Hubby had a meeting with the VP and basically we had to bring him to school each day on our way to work and he got to sit where the secretary could see him in the office. This week coming up is a new week so we will see how it goes.

My son is going to officially hit the teenage status in about a month and I have to say I am thrilled and scared to death at the same time. He has had the teenage attitude for the last couple of years but now is going to come having girls around because he is a little cutie and I am sure he will be a heartbreaker.

Something that made my week this week in a way had to be when I took my son to the doctor because he was complaining of being sick and wouldn’t believe me that it was just allergies and a possible cold, because I don’t have a medical degree. So off to the doctor we went and the doctor asked him why he wasn’t in school and I responded. explaining what he had said when he woke up and she looked at me and said

Doctor: “And who are you in relation to him?  Giving me a very suspicious once over

Me: “His mother”

Doctor: “You’re his MOTHER? I would never have pegged you as his mother, you look so young
Yup, I was between flattered and insulted. I chose to be flattered that I look younger than I am. Mind you I could go without the strange stares when I am out with my son or people find out I am actually his mother. People can be so judgemental sometimes.
So much to my son’s dismay the doctor confirmed my suspicions that it was indeed a touch of a common cold and allergies. Most of his symptoms have faded after I had given him an allergy pill. So he wasn’t too thrilled with hearing he had to go to school. Hubby said I was too soft to let him stay home and take him to the doctor in the first place but the way I see it is he will be less likely to try and fake sick if he knows I am just going to make him go to to the doctor or stay home and make sure he doesn’t have any fun at all. Because what are mothers for? Smile with tongue out

Another big step for me this weekend was calling to have food delivered. Yes I know, I am over 30 and scared to talk to people on the phone *blush* But with my marriage going to hell in a hand basket I am having to do things my husband would take care of. So I am grasping my own sense of independence and freedom. It is quite invigorating actually.

It was especially nice seeing as it was a treat after cooking for 2 months straight without really having food delivered or brought home. I admit I hate cooking so it was just easier but when I found out my husband was cheating with a skanky ho from Texas (a bitch vent session for another day) I had to do some belt tightening in preparation for being a single mom and I actually find it is fun to look for new things to make. Like making my first Thanksgiving dinner last weekend which my son gobbled up in no time.

So I am over 30 and having to relearn to do things or learn to do things I never had to do before and like my son hitting the teenage era I am finding myself on a journey of self discovery as well. Oddly looking forward to it.

I want to leave off with a quote I saw on a friend’s facebook page this week that really seems perfect with what I am going through at this point in my life and I am drawing my strength from.

Someday everything will all make perfect sense,
So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.

Hugs and Smoochies from the Madhouse

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  1. Nice to read that a comment from a doctor (young and hot, I hope?) made you blush. Work it, girl!