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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Physicals and flowers, oh my…

Sigh I really need to update this more then once a week. Just hard to find the time in the madness.
Events of the last week….
Had my annual physical on Monday. The men think they have it hard but they don’t get probed with cold metallic objects and swabs. You know what I am talking about ladies *shutters*
Good news, I am in great health, until I get my test results back of course *lol*  I did have to laugh because my doctor was taking my blood pressure and happened to ask me how things were at home with my husband and if we were together or separating. I started to respond and then she said
“Let’s not talk about your husband while I am taking your blood pressure because it is going through the roof right now”
I had to chuckle. I could have told her that since he has been driving me mad for the last 7 months or so. Doing my best to ignore it but with him still in the house it is pretty damn hard to do.  Good news is that my blood pressure is completely normal other than times involving “the husband”. That should tell me something *scratches chin in deep thought*
Another thing I hate about physicals….Shots. I hate needles, more so before I had my son but the thing I found out about being pregnant is you are essentially a guinea pig for blood. I swear they took like 12 vials from me that first prenatal appointment. But I digress, it’s the time of year for flu shots. Normally I don’t get the flu shot, well I haven’t in the last four years or so because I always ended up sick after the shot and the same with my son. So four years ago I stopped getting it, however, my doctor had other plans this year.
Doctor: “Do you want your flu shot, since you are here?”
Me: “Ummmmmm….” contemplating the idea 
Doctor: “Yea, you want your flu shot, you can’t get sick right now”
Me: “…..ok…..I guess”  as she is swabbing my arm with alcohol and sticking me with a needle
I love my doctor though. She has been absolutely amazing through my craziness as of late. She also got me with a booster shot since I am coming due. So for most of the week my arms have been sore as heck because she got me in both arms. My right arm still hurts like a biatch.
I have been all over the place mentally this week. I have been down and up like a yo-yo. I have been scaring people at work because I have been smiling, laughing and joking around. A few commented on it and how it was weird so I asked them if they would prefer me going back to cranky me and they all shook their heads. I pointed out that they should enjoy these rare moments because they won’t always be around.
The best part of my week had to be the awesome craft score I got at Michael’s. On Monday after my doctor’s appointment I stopped in at Michael’s to buy some necklace supplies for a friend’s birthday gift and found a clearance bin. Two dollar grab bags. It was like those surprise bags we used to get as children. I always remember the anticipation of opening it and seeing what treasures were contained inside. I figured two dollars wasn’t too much to lose if it was crap so I picked one up and headed home.
Sitting there on my bed opening the bag I felt like that child again, so much excitement to see what was inside. I got a bunch of flowers, not the cheap looking dollar store stuff either. and a little flower pot home décor piece with purple daisies. I ended up going back a couple days later and picked up five more grab bags. I giggled like a school girl as I opened all the bags. For the cost of one of the flower stems in one of the bags I got five bags of stuff. I was in craft heaven.
I have been constantly thinking of stuff to make with all my craft treasures. Thinking I am going to make some hair pieces. I love wearing flowers and stuff in my hair and they can be pretty pricey in the stores. I am crafty enough to do it myself, I think so anyways. I will take pics as I make them and post them on here. Never have done a tutorial before but there is a first time for everything right?
Here is what I got for under $14 (taxes are include, thanks Canada)
The kitty isn’t included *lol* She decided to come hang out in the flowers as I was trying to take pics. She even tried to steal a couple of stems. She is cute, so we keep her around Smile with tongue out 

These baskets were in one of the bags too but I forgot to include them in the shot above. >.<
So over the next little while I am going to get my crafting on. I am so excited. My mother would be so proud of the deal I got. My absolute fave pieces from the grab bags were 3 dark purple (almost black) roses. They totally fit in with my love of all things Goth. 
Speaking of Goth. Halloween is almost here. Are you ready? “The Boy” has decided he isn’t going trick or treating this year. I was still trick or treating at 18, it helps that I am short and have a childlike face ^.^
I love Halloween, unfortunately this year I haven’t done much for it. Time got away from me.  I find it just isn’t the same as when I was growing up. Not as many participate now, which is sad. I feel like we are losing something special.
Before I sign off I will leave with a pic of my Angel. In a rare moment while she was still. I think she was attempting to blend in so I wouldn’t try and take her away from the flowers. *lol*
Hugs and smoochies from the Madhouse

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