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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Typical Saturday morning in the madhouse


Walking along hand in hand, blissfully happy. A hot summer day where the future lay ahead with so many possibilities. Finally words have been said that should have been said so long ago, but fear kept us silent. So many missed opportunities, so much time had passed but feelings still remain….

The wall is hard against my back but forgotten once those lips touched mine. So soft, eager and intense. Shock turns to desire as I return the kiss with equal intensity. My hands reach up and behind his neck to pull him closer, I feel my knees start to weaken and his arms move around my waist, the only thing keeping me standing at this point.. My legs no longer having the strength to support me. This was what I had always imagined it would be like, so long ago. Finally being realized. My mind starts to drift and think of other things….




“What the Hell”, I yell as I bolt up in bed.

“Sorry mom, Angelfeet kicked the flowerpot over when I went to get her out of the window”

"What are you doing in my room in the first place?”

Son takes off running with the cat in tow, who didn’t look very impressed from being removed from her perch in the window.

Ah yes, the typical Saturday morning in my madhouse. The cat tearing around the room and my son chasing after her. Her trying to use the window as an escape but he finds her and captures her. Why they insist on playing in my room when I am sleeping I will never know. I love my Saturday mornings. I can sleep in and enjoy my dreams just a little bit longer, except when the kid and the cat have other ideas.

I attempt to lie back down and escape back into my mind but hubby has decided it is time to watch Predator at full sound. So I drag myself out of bed to face the day. Kid and cat are hiding somewhere out of my sight. Probably scared I will punish for a broken flowerpot. While yes, I am upset because it was a pretty flowerpot but not something I will lose my temper over. What can I say I am trying something new. However it would have been nice for my son to pick up the pieces. *eyeroll*

Not sure what to do today. So much to accomplish. Like deciding what this blog will be about….off to do great things.


Arawynn <3

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