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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Embarking on a new journey…


I have had a personal blog for years but it was mostly for close friends and family to keep up to date with me and my son and the goings on in our life. But recently Microsoft has decided to shut down the Live Spaces I had been depending on for years. *sadface* So I took the opportunity to branch out and take the leap to something bigger. *happy face*

I am no word smith, so bare with me on this new journey of mine. I will do my best to entertain you. Looking forward to sharing my smiles, laughs and tears with you. My life truly can be a madhouse so the title seems fitting for me. 

There will be some changes going on while I am getting used to the new site and find my bearings. I am sure in no time I will be breezing through this. I am also looking forward to getting to know other bloggers and learning from those who go before me.

For now, I will say all feedback is welcome but nasty, hurtful comments will be removed and not tolerated in the least. The world doesn’t need any more negativity in it. I appreciate your help with keeping this place somewhat civilized. Thank you in advance.


Arawynn <3


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