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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


How do I hate thee….

Sorry for missing Sunday and yesterday. Sunday I got distracted by World of Warcraft. Ended up being woken up yet again by the kid and the cat playing in my room. They let me sleep in a little longer than Saturday but not nearly enough in my opinion, but I digress.

So I decided to play around on World of Warcraft Sunday and ended up losing all track of time, such as been known to happen. I started playing after losing a bet with my husband 5 years ago. Ladies, never bet your husband to do anything when playing WOW is what he wants you to do. I hated WOW, loathed it even. Hated the time he spent playing it and ignoring me. He would make fun of my love for the Harry Potter series so I bet him to read all 7 books and I would “try” World of Warcraft. Honestly I didn’t think he would do it, or that I would like WOW so much. After 8 hours of playing on a trial account we went and bought my very own copy so I could have my own account and we could play together.

I consider World or Warcraft our marriage counselling because since I have started playing we don’t argue nearly as much and we have something to talk about. I play a Holy Pally. I know it won’t mean much to many of you but it is basically a healer. I love playing a healer. I am actually the healing officer in our Guild.

So I managed to lose track of all of Sunday playing. It had been a while and it was just so relaxing. Then of course I realized the time and had to post on a message board I frequent a photo progression of my son. His birthday was Monday and I knew I wouldn’t have time Monday to post. So I just didn’t get a chance to blog. My apologies.

Like I mentioned, Monday was my son’s birthday. We asked him what he wanted to do for dinner and of course he wants McDonald’s lol. We did a family thing on his birthday. We are waiting for the weekend to actually celebrate with a couple of his friends. Heading to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. Both my son and I really want to see this. We were disappointed with the last movie. Felt it had too much snogging and not enough fighting. They completely left out the epic battle at the end between the students and the Death Eaters. Sigh.

Now for the stress part. Yesterday before leaving work I discover a cold sore forming on my upper lip. Cold sores have plagued me since my childhood. Something I completely hate and they always seem to show up when I am sick or stressed out. Seeing as I am not feeling sick as a dog it must be a result of the stress I have been under the last 2 weeks. Huge fight with the wife of a childhood friend, which resulted in the end of a friendship, which I took really hard. Things at work getting to me and Christmas is coming and what isn’t stressful about that.

I have a potluck dinner on Sunday with my girlfriends and their children. Still haven’t bought gifts yet for my Secret Santa or my son’s. There never seems to be enough money for anything and of course now this shows up and I look like I have been punched in the face. My upper lip is so swollen, and of course I ran out of my Abreva this morning Argh. My son actually flinched this morning when he saw me. Great, now I have to go to work and explain when the questions start. I remember one year at Christmas it was so bad my mother actually asked me if my husband had hit me. Wonderful.

Eating and drinking is a pain but I am determined this will be gone in no time. Such an inconvenience though. Not sure if any of you are plagued with cold sores. I know several people that are and they aren’t liked my anyone. Hopefully the swelling goes down a bit tomorrow so I am not so scary to look at and it is almost gone by Sunday in case there are pictures. I picked up more lip stuff tonight at the pharmacy so cross your fingers for me.

I really need to find better relaxation exercises. lol

Well I am off to play some more World of Warcraft. Need to get caught up for the new expansion coming out in December. I wasn’t that excited about it at first but the closer the release date is and the more I see about it the more excited I am. So until tomorrow….


Arawynn <3


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