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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mini Vaca and Other Journeys.

Recently I got the chance to stay in a Corporate Suite. It was only for a night but it was amazing, nonetheless. 

Here are some pics of the gorgeous suite, which had a kitchen, washer and dryer and a huge bathtub. Didn't get a pic of the huge bathroom. unfortunately but it was huge.  

View of the entrance

View of the balcony area.

Super comfy bed. It felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. 
The entire place looked like it had been furnished from IKEA. Not exactly my style when it comes to living areas but I appreciate the beauty and simplicity. It was nice for a change. 

The couch, not so comfy but the bed totally made up for that. Totally wish I had been able to stay for longer but had to go back to normal life. Well normal for me

I am currently on a mini vaca from work. Monday is a holiday for us Canadians, it being our great country's birthday and all. So I booked off Friday and Tuesday so I could have an extended weekend and I am so glad I did. 

Friday morning I woke up way too early for it being a day off from work, so I could head out to IKEA for breakfast. I am not a cooking breakfast, kind of person. It is so much work and clean up for a good one so I like to go out for breakfast on the weekends. IKEA is perfect seeing as it is only $1 for the regular breakfast and $2 for the Deluxe breakfast. Awesome price and it is pretty tasty and filling. 

After breakfast I headed to the bed department because I am in need of a new bed since "the teen" has destroyed mine by jumping on it. My mattress smiles when you look at it which is not happy for my back. After sleeping on the bed in the Corporate Suite I wanted that mattress and figured since the entire place looked like it had been furnished from IKEA that I would take a chance. I was right. Managed to find the mattress I want and even a bed frame, not a canopy bed like I really want but still pretty. Going to do some more checking around before actually purchasing anything just in case, I find a better deal somewhere else. 

After IKEA I headed off to Chapters to check out the discount book tables. I am a sucker for cheap books. I managed to find a few I was interested in and it was under $10 for all three which is awesome. 

All three books. 

This was only $2 which is awesome. I flipped through it and it is full of awesome tips and tricks 

Planning on using the Tattoo book as inspiration to come up with my next tattoo. I am just trying to decide what I want and where on my body. 

I also hit up Teavana to see about picking up a tea brewer because my tea ball is just not cutting it when I want to make more than one cup of tea. Being summer and all and having picked up this awesome fruity tea for iced tea I needed something larger. I managed to luck into a sale. So I got a tea brewer for under what I was willing to pay for one. Score. Looking forward to brewing myself up some iced tea. 

30% off is awesomeness. The lid also screws in and is air tight so I can store it sideways in my fridge 

I also hit up the dollar store to pick up some air tight glass jars that I can wrap in decorative paper for my loose teas. I almost died at the price of the tea tins and figured I was crafty enough to come up with a cheaper alternative. I picked up four jars and I am going to use some scrapbooking paper I already have at home to cover them with. A future blog post in the works there. ;) 

It was an exhausting but fun day. Ended it with dinner and a movie with "the teen" at a friend's house. We watched Kickass and ate pizza and had great fun. 

You need to cherish little moments. Life is short and we are blessed to have all we need and to have friends in our lives that we can hang with. 

Hugs and Smoochies 

<3 Arawynn <3 

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