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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Canada Day…

Well it is July… and a long weekend. Who can complain about that?
Canada Day was July 1, and it was a gorgeous day for a birthday party  =D  My son woke me up pretty early, chatting away about video games and whatnot. I frequent occurrence in our household. *lol* Hubby had wanted to get up early and hit up the movie theatre for some Transformer 3 3D action. We figured it being Canada Day and all that everyone would be heading downtown for the festivities and the theatre would be pretty empty. There were throngs of people heading downtown in a sea of red and white. It was nice to know we were heading in the opposite direction to the crowd for celebrators.
Don’t get me wrong, I love this great country we live in. I do not, however, enjoy large groups of people. They tend to make me anxious and I prefer to avoid it as much as humanly possible. =P
The theatre was surprisingly busy, seems others had the same idea as us. The girl that served us at the concession stand definitely didn’t seem to want to be there however. She reminded me of an angry Cindy Lou Who. 3D glasses and food in hand we headed off to claim our seats. Transformers 3 was AWESOME. We all enjoyed it very much and would love to see it again. Shia LaBeouf was extremely Yummilious. It is a rare occasion where we see a movie and all three of us are happily entertained. After the movie we headed to a Pub close to the theatre and split a tray of nachos between the three of us and some drinks, water for the boy obviously. *lol* Just relaxing in the shade and enjoying the day.
Getting home from the theatre was an adventure to be sure. Seems there was still quite a line to head downtown. Half naked girls and painted guys stood in line at the bus stop. There was one group of guys who were pretty riled up and obnoxious. I spotted one of them drinking a beer. We ended up taking a long way home to avoid the packed buses heading downtown. It is amazing the people you will meet on the bus. A group of teenage boys got on the bus at one point. They were all decked out and ready to go celebrate. I was chatting with my son when I hear behind me “Why does there have to be so many bus stops?” Oh I fear for the future when I hear things like this. My son shook his head and chuckled since he had heard the comment too.
When the sun started to go down, and armed with cameras, we headed to a nearby park where they hold a firework display every year. The park was packed full of people awaiting the light show. Thankfully this year the weather was fairly cooperative, unlike previous years. I love how the lights across the river play on the river in the dark. So pretty. My son recorded the fireworks but I have misplaced his USB cord so I couldn’t transfer it off the camera so I will share a pic I took with one of my cameras. Still trying to get the timing right with my firework setting on my camera *lol*  Happy Birthday Canada =D
Hugs and Kisses,

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