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Sunday, June 8, 2014

A weekend of Geekery and Awesome

As promised I am sharing my experience of my local Comic Con. It has been about a month and things have calmed down a little for me to sit down and write. Been a busy bee over the last month. 

All Geeked up and ready to go ^.~

This is the second year we have attended. Last year we only managed to snag a pass for Friday and both The Teen and I have said that we wish we had been able to go the whole weekend because there is so much to see and do. 

This year I managed to buy the three day pass before it sold out. I bought the tickets back in February to make sure we didn't miss out like last year. Then it was just sitting and waiting for May to arrive and well make my costume. Of course like most things in my life, things went haywire and instead of actually having 2-3 months to sew my costume and put it together I ended up with about a week after all items were purchased and gathered. I know for next year to start collecting stuffs a lot sooner. 

We didn't end up going on the Friday because I had a double booking issue. Seems when I booked my first painting class, I had failed to take note of the day. I just knew I wanted to do that painting and it was only offered on that Friday evening. Usually it is offered on Wed instead which is not optional for me, but I digress. So there was just not enough time to actually see anything. Plus I still needed all possible time to work on my Alice dress. 

I actually ended up working through the night, after spending three hours learning to paint, and heading straight to Comic Con with no sleep for 24 hours at that point. Needless to say I was running on a combination of caffeine and adrenaline from lack of sleep and excitement. 

The costumes were amazing. I was so busy looking at everything to really snap many photos of other people, unfortunately. Another thing to make note of for next year. But I did have some pics snapped of me in my costume on the Saturday. It was awesome to have people come up and ask for a picture. 

Saturday was a complete madhouse. More than I am comfortable with, actually. I am not a fan of large groups, especially ones that completely invade personal space. Saturday was one of those types. The Teen did his best to stick with me as I dodged through the crowd, trying to escape the throng. We actually lost his father about five minutes in the door because even in three inch moon boots I am shorter than most and he blinked and I was gone. He should have followed the Doctor's Rules to not blink....just saying!

Eventually the crowd subsided and you could breath a little. Everywhere you looked you saw someone dressed up in all kinds of costumes.  Pictures being taken. Products being purchased. It was heaven for the geek inclined.

We ran into my brother and his wife and hung out chatting and getting our pics taken. Naturally we had to preserve the moment for family memories. 

A family that slays together stays together ^.~ 

We had a slashing good time on Saturday and went home completely exhausted. I actually fell asleep on the bus on the way home. I was amazed I managed to make it as long as I did with no sleep. I made it home and de-costumed and made my way into bed to rest for the next day. 

Sunday we set off without The Teen. Seemed he didn't like the crowds the day before and absolutely nothing would convince him to come with us so he stayed at home and we set off for another awesome day. 

Of course we had more time to stop and look at things this time round and I had to have my Doctor Who fix so off we went to the The Doctor Who exhibit. 


Just part of the gang. 

Matt Smith in a waistcoat. *swoon* 

We went to the Robert Englund Q&A. I used to be terrified of this man when I was growing up but now that I am older I find him fascinating and he is extremely talented. I am so glad I got a chance to hear him speak. So many laughs were had. 

Surprise, she is back from the dead :P 

We finished off the day with a photo op with Sean Astin. I have had a crush on him since Goonies. I have seen almost all his movies and used to have his pictures hanging in my bedroom as a teen. I have always wanted to meet him and finally I was able to get my chance. 

I wasn't originally planning to get an autograph because our photo wasn't until almost closing but when we were in line for the photo a sign was posted for a discount to those in line that wanted to have their picture signed. Of course I had to jump at that chance and off to the signing area we headed with photos in hand. There was so much excitement. 

We watched Sean Astin battle Daleks while we were in line. It was awesome to watch. He did a Rudy run down the line which was so fun. He seems so down to earth and caring about his fans, which I love about him. 

The absolute best part of the day was when we were at the table and talking to him and he called me "Cute, little Dalek Girl" and then he paused and said "no that's not right". Obviously not a huge Doctor Who fan but he tried so I gave him points for that. Still.So.Cute. 

The weekend was pure awesomeness and I can't wait for next year. I went home a very happy, geek girl. Starting to think about what to do for next year's costume. *puts finger up to chin and ponders in deep thought*

Oh and always remember....


Hugs and Smoochies from the Madhouse


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