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Monday, October 14, 2013

Giving Thanks...


Today is Thanksgiving in Canada. A time to count your blessings and spend time with family and friends. The teen and I  celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday with turkey meatloaf instead of the typical turkey dinner. The teen informed me he didn't actually like turkey so it was ok if I didn't make a huge deal and cooked a turkey and all the fixings. Me being the turkey lover that I am, decided to go with a turkey meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes and sweet corn. What can I say I need my turkey. I followed the directions found here and I do have to say it turned out amazing. The teen gobbled it up. He seemed shocked to find out it was actually turkey and stuffing. He doesn't like either but he said he really enjoyed the meatloaf I made using both. Definitely will be trying this again. Maybe it will become a tradition in the Madhouse. It was definitely a lot less stress then a huge dinner and seeing that it was only the teen and myself it doesn't seem logical to make a gigantic turkey and all the fixings. 

I am grateful every day for all the blessings brought my way but being as it is Thanksgiving up here I will say thanks for all that is in my life, both good and bad. The bad times help us appreciate the good. I am blessed. 

It has been a struggle at times for me to be grateful because in the past I have concentrated more on what we didn't have then what we do have. Been working very hard on changing this mindset and I do have to say I am much happier when I don't think about what we don't have. We have a home, we have food, we have clothing and friends and family that love us and that we love as well. I am grateful for my son, my job and my creativity. 

I am also thankful for reconnecting with someone from my past. I have laughed so much over the last few weeks and honestly made me believe anything is possible. I am blessed to have him in my life. Every moment is precious. 

I hope all Canadians, no matter where you are in the world, are having a very Happy Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for this holiday? 

Blessings from The Madhouse 

<3 Arawynn <3 

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