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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How Fast Time Flies....

.....when you are having fun?

I know, I haven't been keeping up with the posts recently. Life has gotten in the way, like it tends to do. Some things that have happened in and around the Madhouse as of late include a wedding, a relationship and a birthday and well just random craziness.

My brother was married to a wonderful, sweet lady. I was the photographer for their wedding and I have been doing my best to get the editing done. I want them to have the best photos to remember their day. I am so happy for the two of them. They make me believe it is possible to find love and be happy, but I digress. The wedding was beautiful and simple. It suited them and they were both so relaxed. It was nice to photograph a wedding again, well the couple only parts. There is nothing worse then family that think they know better and get in the way of you trying to get "the shot". I know I am family but I was there to capture their day and I was having a difficult time doing so. I was their photographer so I am the one they should be concentrating on. At one point I had to get the family shooed away because I wanted to be able to work without my head spinning in irritation. I can get a little testy when I am working. I admit it.

Once the family were shooed away and I had breathing space I was able to capture some amazing shots and I had "the teen" as an assistant which helped dramatically. He even snapped tonnes of his own photos. He has much to learn but I think I have a budding photographer on my hands. Momma is proud.

Here is one of the pics I snapped of the happy couple.

"The Teen" also had a birthday recently in the Madhouse. I was actually pretty excited about it and made plans to make a cake and be all domestic like normal moms for birthdays. But like everything in the Madhouse plans fell apart. I bought materials to make a cake for him but of course the night I went to make the cake I realize I had no vegetable oil and it was too late to go get any. I ended up having to run after work to track down a cake I could use that would fit the cake topper I made.

I had a brilliant moment of craftocity and came up with an idea for a birthday cake for "the teen" I combined two of his favourite things My Little Ponies and Doctor Who. The Doctor Who thing I can totally get, who doesn't love Doctor Who? The My Little Pony thing is not so making of the sense to me. Seems there is a thing known as Bronies and my son and his friends consider themselves Bronies. "The Teen" resisted for the longest while, making fun of his friends for liking My Little Ponies but they eventually wore him down and assimilated him into their fold. So I pondered and came up with this...

The TARDIS is made out of a wooden box purchased at a local dollar store. It is covered in felt and is actually useable. I glued the felt on in such a way as there is a flap over the latch so it just needs to be lifted up and he can put stuff inside, if he so chooses. This is the first time I have attempted something like this and have to say I am very proud of my finished product. The ponies are not authentic My Little Ponies, as my son was quick to point out but I wasn't going to spend $10 plus on real versions to stick in icing. So dollar store ponies it was :)

If you are a Doctor Who fan you should know the quote. When "the teen" saw the cake his comment was "well done mom, very clever". He loved it. The burned fingers and many stabbings of my fingers as I made the TARDIS was well worth it. It is now on display in our entertainment unit. The TARDIS, not the cake *lol*

Lastly before I depart tonight is to comment on the relationship I mentioned above. I did meet a wonderful man in September, on the bus of all places. He commented on my foam board (long story) and it lead to him asking me out. He gave me his number so I could contact him. I took a few days to think about it and did eventually contact him. We met for coffee and had a pretty good chat. We have a lot in common and we did start dating. Unfortunately I had to end things because I don't think I am really ready to get into another long term relationship and I felt it was unfair to him to remain. It makes me sad because he is such a warm, fun, supportive person but I live in the Madhouse and I honestly don't think he is prepared for the madness that is me. I often say I am like Tinkerbell on crack. I am up and down and sideways on a daily basis and I have never really been alone before. I really want to enjoy the single life for a bit longer before I surrender myself to coupledom again.

Who knows maybe we will find each other again if it is meant to be. They do have that saying after all. "What is meant to be will find a way" or something to that effect. For now though I need to get myself straightened out before I can even think about being in a relationship. I think that is the smartest thing to do for the moment. Of course tomorrow is another day. We never know what will happen. Ah the joys of life. The madness of it all.

That is it for now, thanks for reading and sharing in the madness.

Hugs and Smoochies

Arawynn <3

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